Interactive Videos

Interactive videos are videos that allow the user to interact with the video as it plays. In some cases viewers are able to change images and sounds, download coupons and play games all while the video is playing.Last year Bob Dylan created an interactive music video for his song, “Like a Rolling Stone“. The video is set up like a television screen with channel buttons on the left side. Viewers are then able use their “up” and “down” arrow keys on their keyboard to change the “channels” within the video. As the viewer changes the channel, each character on the screen begins to sing along to the song. What is so great about this video is that no matter when you change the channel, the

Many people are often annoyed with pop up video advertisements, but interactive videos could potentially reduce people’s disdain for digital video advertisements, not to mention they encourage viewers to interact with the video and the brand. According to, “…our relationship with video has not changed significantly since 1950. Basically, we “observe” , but interactive video can revolutionize how we watch videos. Many companies are already using this technology. In an interview with Corey Kronengold, Director of Marketing for Innovid (they create inactive videos for companies) Kronengold stated that companies such as MTV, VH1, National Geographic, TNT, TBS, Food Network, SYFY, and iVillage have already begun to incorporate this technology into their campaigns.

One of the great potential uses for interactive videos is in the retail sector. Canadian retailer, Sport Chek as well as American online boutique SSense have already created ads/music videos using this technology. In addition, HSN and QVC have been using a version of interactive videos/television for years.

As this technology becomes more widely accessible, there is no telling which industries will begin to use interactive videos as part of their marketing tools.


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