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Which Social Media Site Is Your Favorite?!?!?!?!


Emerging Media Usage Around the World

Every county wants to be the best. Every country wants to say that their citizens are the smartest, the fastest, the most innovative and the most technological advanced nation on Earth. The United States is no different. We pride ourselves on our ingenuity, our ability to create and our ability advance society. We claim that we are the most technological advanced nation on Earth and that our innovations revolutionize the way we live. We take pride in being early adopter of emerging media technologies.

Below is a series of graphs, charts, and images that show how the United States measures up against other nations when it comes to the adaptation and use of Emerging Media technologies. Do any of the findings surprise you?

chart 10

chart 9

chart 8

Chart 7

Chart 5

Chart 4

Chart 3

Chart 2

Chart 1

The Power of Pinterest

If you are like me, you have loved Pinterest from the very first moment you pinned your first pin. I was introduced to the site during my senior year in college by a friend. During that time I was on a self-imposed shopping fast (I had given up shopping for 40 days) and I was going through serious withdrawals. All I could think about was shopping, so I decided to turn to Pinterest. I would sit with my laptop for hours and just pin all of the clothes that I wanted to buy. I know it sounds silly (and like I have a bad shopping habit) but it really was a great outlet. Almost four years later, I still use Pinterest on a regular basis but now my reasons for using it have changed. Today, I mainly use it as a resource to find DIY project, design inspiration, recipes and as “modified” search engine to research companies.

When it comes to my love affair and addition to Pinterest I am definitely not alone. There are over 70 million worldwide Pinterest users, although the majority of users live in the United Sates. Of these users  97% are women and less than 3% are men. It is clear to see that the ladies LOVE Pinterest!!! In fact according to a 2012 Forbes article and information published by Power Of, women are drawn to Pinterest over other sites like Facebook and Twitter because it is:

  1. Simple, Clean and Fuss Free,
  2. And it is relaxing
  3. It is easily accessible
  4. It is easy to become popular
  5. It inspires visitors to become more creative.

(Check Out this Great Inforgraphic!)

The Power of Pinterst

While women have really embraced Pinterest, more and more companies are beginning to see its potential benefits and are now incorporating it into their social media strategies. Companies such as Nordstrom, Whole Foods,  P&G, Target, DWS and a host of others have used Pinterest to promote their product mix, gain customer insight, interact with customers and to strengthen their brand image.

Outside of using Pinterest to search for items and products and promoting brands, people and organizations alike  have become very creative in the way that they use Pinterest. Pinterest parties are growing in popularity (parties where people get to gather to create Pinterest inspired DIY projects while enjoying Pinterest inspired food and drinks) while some educators have found ways to incorporate Pinterest into their curriculums.

If you are one of the people who have never checked out Pinterest I implore you to go check it out…GO NOW! Look around the site, checkout the accounts of your favorite brands, explore new topics and connect with friends. Let me know what you find!

If you need some help getting started, below is a list of a few of my favorite Pinterest pages (including my own).

Design Sponge


Whole Foods


Tell me what you think!


Blogging: An Opportunity to Showcase Your Personal Brand

I’m new to the blogging world, if you can’t already tell. When I created this blog about a month ago, it took me forever to decide how I wanted to set up the blog (I’m still moving things around). I spent hours trying to decide which colors to use, which images to include and which fonts I wanted my posts to be in. The whole process was exhausting and a bit overwhelming. I am a regular reader of blogs, typically fashion blogs, and for some reason I assumed setting up a blog would be a “walk in the park”. Well I found out it is most definitely not that! Creating a blog is a huge undertaking that requires a lot of careful planning because in a way it is a form of personal representation. A blog is an extension of its creator and the things they care about. A blog is an opportunity for the creator to show off his/her personal brand and connect with his/her followers in a less formal internet setting. Because of this, people, including myself, invest a great deal of time (and in some cases money) into creating a great blog.

Some of the best blogs are those that allow the creator’s personal brand to show through. Just by reading their posts and viewing their pictures you almost feel as if you know everything about them. Just by reading their blog you understand what their personal brand is all about.

If you find yourself tasked with creating a blog, like I was, below are 3 tips that I found helpful when creating my own blog.

1) Discover what your personal brand is
2) Include a variety of media (pictures, videos, links)
3) Create post topics that reflect your personal brand

Discover What Your Personal Brand Is
Discovering what your personal brand is can be a tough task. It takes time and a great deal of introspection but it is well worth it because it will not only help you in creating a blog but it will help you throughout life. Your personal brand is basically all of the promises that you represent. It is a sum of who you are, what you represent and what you stand for. A well-defined personal brand will help dictate what types of post your write, which topics you cover and how you approach those topics. It can also aid in you in deciding how to set up your blog.
Include a Variety of Media
Videos, pictures and links are a great way to showcase your personal brand on your blog. One of the quickest ways to get to know a person is to view their pictures and see the types of videos they watch. Just from viewing these forms of media you can find out about a person’s sense of humor or tell which issues are most important to them. For example, if you are really big into environmental conservation, post pictures of yourself in a nature conservatory or post videos describing the harmful effects of deforestation. Including various forms of media can help to further highlight your personal brand.

Create Topics that Reflect Your Personal Brand
Blogs posts are the crux of your blog, so make sure they represent you and your personal brand. Cover topics that are most important to you but remember to always let your personal brand show through in posts. For example, if service is a large part of your personal brand, include a variety of posts that discuss service related topics. Include posts on upcoming service projects or posts highlighting everyday heroes who make a different in their communities though service groups. Consider allowing blog readers to suggest future service projects and perhaps highlight small acts of service from around the world. Use your post wisely and remember to let you brand personality shine through.